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Methods of Marijuana Use

21 Mar Methods of Marijuana Use

While smoking marijuana is the most common way to ingest, there are several other methods that may be preferable to your specific needs or desires.

1. Smoking is a direct method with the high being almost instantaneous. Some people may find continuous smoking to maintain the high inconvenient and seek out other methods. Marijuana can be smoked through a joint, bong, or pipe.

2. Vaporizing, like smoking, is a rapid high. Marijuana oils or wax are heated at a low temperature allowing vapor ingestion instead of smoke. This method has less throat burn and often takes a smaller dose to achieve a high. It will rip your face off.

3. Edibles are a common and delightful method of ingesting cannabis and achieving a high. Doses and amounts may be difficult to determine, and it is important to start with a small piece and work your way up allowing 20-60 minutes between each bite.

4. Tinctures are a cannabis concentrate in an alcoholic substance. The key word is “concentrated,” so careful dosing is a must. Like edibles, allow the full affect to hit before ingesting more. Tinctures can be used in the form of a drink or placed under the tongue.

5. Lastly, topicals are distributed in the form of lotions, balms, salves, sprays, or creams. THC is infused into the product and absorbed through the skin.  This is preferable for patients with joint pain, muscle soreness, arthritis and headaches.  This method will never achieve a high. It has no psychoactive effects so swim in it, bathe in it, what have you- you will remain sober.

With 5 methods of marijuana consumption, there truly is a form for everyone.  What sounds best to you?

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