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4 Tips For Pro Buds

30 Mar 4 Tips For Pro Buds

There is a major difference between high and low quality marijuana. A commercial establishment or experienced grower has time and information under their belt to produce top shelf weed. They have no magic wand or spells, just tips and tricks for success.

1. Know where to start.

It’s a little unrealistic to expect the best weed you have ever had without knowing the basics. Although it is a plant, we aren’t growing tomatoes here. Marijuana plants require specific amounts of lights and nutrients to grow.

Three issues that can damage the plant are Nutrient Burn, Nutrient Deficiencies, and Heat Stress. Learn the basics and research those issues here.

2. Only use the best.

Like humans, genetics play a major role in plant quality. When using tasteless or low quality seeds, you can expect those traits to transfer to your new plant.

Buying clones or seeds from a reputable source will make all the difference. This will allow the consistent harvest of good, quality product.

3. Give it what it wants.

Humidity, temperature, and airflow are key components to quality and survival. During the flowering stage, humidity needs to be maintained around 45-55%, and temperature should be held at 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature drops below 60 degrees bud rot can set in and ruin your plant.

Oscillating fans can maintain airflow for 1-3 plants, but anything more than that may need a professional system.

4. Know more than you need to.

Stay informed and do your research. The Internet is your best tool in providing grower tips and instructions. Find the answers you need for the top shelf weed you want.

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