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Grow Indoor Marijuana
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Raise Plants From Seed to Harvest
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About Us

Growing marijuana indoors is becoming as common as making a home batch of beer. With the recent popularity and publicity of marijuana, self-growers are turning this hobby into an American Pastime.

MarijuanaClones provides top quality clones for licensed dispensaries or growers with physician provided permits.

Too often sick or tasteless Clones are distributed and produce undesirable or non-yielding plants. At MarijuanaClones we strive for quality and satisfaction. Buy from someone you trust with your best interest at heart.

Feel the reward of raising marijuana plants and watch them flourish into a quality product grown by your two hands.

Recent Posts

  • Buying Clones

    -by Robert Degen.   So you’ve decided to try your hand at developing your green thumb for some wallet-friendly (or green friendly) growing of your very own. Versus going the route of; seed acquisition, germination, and starting the plant, a lot of people choose instead......

  • Clones

    Clones-by Robert Degen. When considering ‘clones’, any number of images may spring to mind. Whether the uproar about the cloned sheep back in the 1990’s, ‘cloned’ computers, or –for fans of the animated show, ’Archer’- esoteric things like ‘code cloners’. As one who prefers to......

  • 4 Tips For Pro Buds

    There is a major difference between high and low quality marijuana. A commercial establishment or experienced grower has time and information under their belt to produce top shelf weed. They have no magic wand or spells, just tips and tricks for success. 1. Know where......

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